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GB WhatsApp is the best WhatsApp version available in the market that offers unlimited features related to Privacy, App Customization, Backup & much more.

In this article we will cover the amazing functions you can find in GB WhatsApp’s ‘Home Screen’ tab.

Go to GB Settings >> Home Screen

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Lets dive in & check all the amazing features you can find under Home Screen function:

Enable Contact Online Toast:

Turn this on to see online friends without getting inside the chat box. You can also set specific ringtone.

I. Go to GB Settting >> Home Screen

II. Turn on the toggle for ‘Enable Contact Online Toast’.

Now whenever your contact(s) comes online, you will get an instant notification.

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You can also set Ringtone you like.

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Separate Chats/ Groups:

This function helps you to categorise chats on Home Screen into two different tabs Chats & Groups for quick access.

Screenshot 20220114 141105
Toggle bar is off: All chats are categorised under ‘Chat’ tab

When toggle bar is enabled, ‘Chats’ & ‘Group chats’ are categorised in two tabs

Screenshot 20220114 141056

Home head use my name:

Replace WhatsApp name on Home screen with your profile name.

Turn on the toggle bar

Screenshot 20220114 123356 1
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Show DND Mode shortcut in home screen

DND is one of the coolest feature of GbWhatsApp. Enable DND function when you want to take a break from WhatsApp messages/ calls .

Your internet connection will be ON so you can freely enjoy Netflix, Youtube, music, reading.

Screenshot 20220114 133637

Once you turn on the toggle, you will be prompted to restart the GB WhatsApp. You can select your choice- Yes/ cancel or Maybe later. Its better to select Yes.


DND function (Aeroplane symbol) will now appear on your Home Screen. You can easily turn on or off this function from Home Screen.


Show Dark mode shortcut in Home Screen

If you use Dark mode function frequently, this option is for you. Turn on the toggle bar & Dark mode option will appear on the Home Screen.

Screenshot 20220114 134302

You can enable/ disable dark mode from Home Screen.

Dark mode 1

Pin More Than 3 conversations

Unlike WhatsApp, you can pin more than 3 chats in GB WhatsApps. Enable the toggle bar.

pin chat

Select the chats you want to pin & click on Pin function.

pin chats 1 1

Custom Tab Style

Custom Tab offers different styles for users to choose from:

Default, Show full text, Show icon only.

Screenshot 20220114 140806
Screenshot 20220114 135706
Show full text option

Screenshot 20220114 135718
Use Icon option
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