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Status Filter

WhatsApp is a fantastic communication app that allows us to interact with our friends, family, and other important people for free, while also allowing us to express ourselves freely through messages, statuses and videos. To keep users loyal, the app was continually updated and new features were added.

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Despite all of the creators’ efforts, people continue to clamor for more. Whatsapp’s flashing green screen has been a staple throughout the app. Despite the various updates being made, users were still not satisfied with the developers’ effort. That’s why developers created the modified versions of GBWhatsApp. It integrates all the main functionalities of the regular WhatsApp and adds other very powerful options which increase its popularity. 

Among all the creative features that Gb WhatsApp offers to its users, the status filter feature is the newest and the best. If you’re bored and can’t think of anything to do. With this fantastic feature, you may keep yourself entertained. With one simple click, you can create funny face effects that you can share with your loved ones. 

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Gb Whatsapp provides you with dozens of amusing and creative options to help you create your own unique moment, you just need to swipe your finger to choose the filter you like and capture your moments then share it with your friends and family. Some users may debate GbwhatsApp’s copying of filters from Snapchat or Instagram, but this marvelous MOD, which has millions of users, is gaining increasing popularity, leaving other face filter applications in the dust. 

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