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  • Dynamic Theme Store
    Dynamic Theme Store

    Thousand of themes!

  • Caller ID

    GBWhatsApp 2022 New Feature Caller ID – How to block and stop an unknown spam caller’s phone number for Android using WhatsApp? I believe many WhatsApp users often receive one or a few unknown calls a day or even more, and this is really annoying. You may receive calls about robocalls, spoof, IRS tax, charity,Continue reading “Caller ID”

  • HeyMods – LivePic Widget
    HeyMods – LivePic Widget

    The HeyMods team always believes everyone deserves the best communication tools. Have you heard? For those who love sharing their pictures, the HeyMods team has very exciting news to share. Announcing LivePic – widget to send pictures and notes to the recipient home screen. In the next update, HeyMods and LivePic will collaborate and releaseContinue reading “HeyMods – LivePic Widget”

  • Share your comments on GBWhatsApp to Win the Prize

    🔥 Share your comments on GBWhatsApp to Win the Prize🔥 📍Step 1. Use our Social Message sample (include the hashtag) to make a post on Facebook or Twitter and add one photo related to the feature you like to use. 📍Step 2. Share the post link on GB Telegram group after posting the content onContinue reading “Share your comments on GBWhatsApp to Win the Prize”

  • GB ShakeShake
    GB ShakeShake

    Check out the New & Free GB SHAKE SHAKE to Meet New People and Friends Nearby on GBWhatsApp! Sometimes, life becomes hectic, making it difficult for us to keep in contact with our closest friends until a special event comes around. Because humans are social by nature, we always need to have people in ourContinue reading “GB ShakeShake”

  • Anti-View Once
    Anti-View Once

    WhatsApp ‘View Once’ feature allows the recipient to a single view media files before it disappears. The photos or videos shared with View Once won’t be saved in Photos/ Gallery on the recipient’s device. To prevent this, GB WhatsApp has added a new feature ‘Anti-View Once’. Anti-View Once allows users to view-once photo/ video unlimitedContinue reading “Anti-View Once”

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  • Caller ID
  • HeyMods – LivePic Widget
    HeyMods – LivePic Widget
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