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    WhatsAppAero APK Download | Latest Apr-2022 Official Version

    Nowadays, we have tons of instant messaging apps (WhatsApp, Facebook, Fiber, WeChat and Messenger) that allow us to connect with our family, friends, and loved ones abroad. But even though these apps are powerful, they don’t allow full customization. They are still limited in terms of themes, controls and other useful features. The developers of these apps are always in an endless struggle of “who serves the best”. They keep  trying their best to deliver the best experience to every user by providing more benefits through their apps, but still not as good as we’d like them to be. But that’s not the case with WhatsAppAero, a MOD for the chat and instant messaging app that comes along with important visual changes whilst also offering a high-quality client. 

    Download Latest WhatsAppAero APK

    APK NameWhatsAppAero
    APK VersionMarch 2022
    Size54.5 MB
    Android VersionLatest
    Last Update4/7/2022

    What is WhatsAppAero APK?

    WhatsAppAero APK is a well-designed WhatsApp mod that contains thousands of beautiful themes, high performance, and better security than any other WhatsApp mods. Not only is the performance very good, the appearance is very suitable for those of you who are bored with the usual WhatsApp mod. A lot of users now are converting to this app, due to more features and extra satisfaction. It contains features that other popular mods don’t. These things make WhatsAppAero very special and unbeatable. If you are looking for a WhatsApp mod today, then it’s your best chance to use WhatsAppAero. 

    WhatsAppAero is capable of basic functions like chats and calls. And unlike other WhatsApp apps, this one doesn’t require you to uninstall the original app. This means that this app can work as a secondary one along with the original one. You no longer have to worry about WhatsApp blocking out some features. Here, you can also fully customize your home screen thanks to the +14 different styles available. Aside from that, there are more than 3000 themes in this app! Talk about a truly stunning app. Now you don’t need to use a third-party app or root your phone just to use these features. This article will tell you all. So keep reading to find out more. You will not be the same after reading this.


    Why is WhatsAppAero worth downloading?

    As you all here know about the new 2022 WhatsAppAero APK that is why it is worth downloading. Well, this mod has a brand new user interface which gives us a decent look. And Aero mod is not only about its look but the performance and the security that this Mod provides:

    • Aero does not store any of your data on our server. Your security is provided by WA’s end-to-end encryption.
    • AeroWA is full of details that reflect your lifestyle. How you organize it is entirely up to you.
    • Unlike other Apps, you will not encounter bad and misleading infected ads. Our team shows the content that has been optimized for you, completely tailored to your needs.

    The stability of this mod is way ahead than any WhatsApp mod available right now.

    WhatsAppAero Features

    There are several excellent features of WAAero that are quite interesting for users of the WA Mod application. Below are some of its features.


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    Now these features have become very important to WhatsApp MOD users.. Because it is directly connected with your security purposes. But don’t worry in WhatsAppAero 2022 APK Anti Ban feature is inbuilt in it. This feature helps you to never get banned by WhatsApp. Therefore you will always be safe to use WhatsAppAero APK.

    Hiding Features

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    By using the hiding features of WhatsAppAero APK you can freeze your last seen, freeze your typing status. These features give you the authority to hide your typing and recording status, double click, blue tick. No one can catch your activities in WhatsAppAero APK. These features will help you to keep your activities secret. So use WhatsAppAero APK and be unique in your circle.

    Hide View Status

    Another feature you can see other people’s stories without being noticed so you can be free to stalk. So you don’t have to worry about your name appearing in the list of people who viewed the story.

    Block Calls

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    When you want some peace then just turn on the DND mode on you WhatsAppAero APK. Nothing will disturb you when you turn on it. All the messages and calls will be blocked at that time. So this feature is relatively useful. No one disturbs you in your peace.

    Anti-Deleted Status/ Messages

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    If a story or a message has been deleted it usually cannot be seen again. But WhatsAppAero can save status records and you can still see other people’s deleted statuses or messages without using other applications.

    Thousands of Themes

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    This feature is one of the reasons people use WhatsAppAero, namely the existence of a variety of theme options that are very attractive so that the display is not boring.

    Send Large Files

    On WhatsApp, the original file that can be sent is limited to 25 MB. But for WhatsAppAero, you can still send larger files. Interesting, right?

    Great Interface and Look

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    When we talk about the look, WhatsAppAero is on the top of the list of WhatsApp mods. It has a very beautiful user interface which helps us to enjoy all the features of WhatsApp mods with an awesome look. 

    Other Features

    • Media Sharing – WhatsAppAero mod sends the original quality of images as well as video. Images can be sent in high resolution and can be sent more than 10 images at a time.
    • Emoji Variants – In here, there are so many emojis that you can use! You can also add Facebook emoji to your conversation!
    • Disabled Forwarded Message – WhatsAppAero users are allowed to re-send messages without the forwarding tag.
    • Send Message without Saving Number – Another feature is that you can send new messages to other people without having to save the number. That way it will certainly make use more practical and can save your phone storage

    So what are you thinking? Do you like these features? The new visuals are just great. Try yourself. WhatsAppAero is available on our website for free and with a one-tap downloading button.

    How To Download and Install WhatsAppAero APK?

    Step 1: Click on the Download button of WhatsAppAero APK below.

    Step 2: Then Downloading will start. Before Downloading completes, go to your phone’s settings and allow unknown sources 

    Device >> Settings >> Security >> Unknown Sources 

    Downloading could take some time. 

    Step 3: When downloading complete click on the downloaded APK file from your file manager and start to install it into your device.

    Step 4: Simply click on the open button and enjoy it !!!

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